Welcome to the brine pipeline path!

Tracing the World's Oldest Pipeline

This picturesque path follows the historic brine pipeline from Steeg through Bad Goisern and Bad Ischl to the Salinen Austria AG in Ebensee.

Along the way, you'll find fascinating information about salt, wood, water, and culture. Short detours from the path, such as visits to nearby museums or natural monuments, are highly recommended and encouraged!

Due to its connection to public transport, you can also tackle individual sections (Steeg – Bad Ischl – Ebensee).

By scanning the QR codes on the signs, you can listen to the content as an audio file in German and English.

The Brine Pipeline

In 1607, the over 30-kilometer-long brine pipeline between Hallstatt and Ebensee was inaugurated. It required 13,000 tree trunks, which were hollowed out and fitted together. This technical masterpiece soon found its imitators. To this day, brine is transported through the – now modernized – pipeline to the Salinen Austria AG in Ebensee. This makes it the oldest industrial pipeline in the world. Today, an incredible 1.2 million tons of salt are produced at the saltworks.

The revitalization of the Brine Pipeline Trail was carried out in 2023/2024 as part of a LEADER project by Salzwelten GmbH. We wish you an interesting and relaxing hike in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.


The Brine Pipeline Trail is approximately 32 km long.
Parts of the trail are not open to cyclists and are not suitable for strollers.
Please follow the signs marked "Soleleitungsweg."

Please check the weather conditions and resulting accessibility limitations before each tour, and stay on the official paths. Respect official closures, which are announced on the tourism association's website. Use of the trails is at your own risk. Liability for personal injury, property damage, or financial loss is excluded.