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Salzwelten Salzburg

Salzwelten Salzburg - Salt, the essence of life. The destination near Salzburg

With around 211,000 visitors in 2019, Salzwelten Salzburg represents the biggest mine attraction in the corporate group and one of the most popular excursion destinations in the Salzburg region. In 2020/2021, Salzwelten Salzburg underwent a complete remodeling, a project which spanned eight months and represented an investment of €10 million. Salt mining shaped the fortunes of the entire region for centuries and made an immense contribution to the prosperity of Salzburg, both city and province. Industrial salt production came to an end in 1989. Visitors have been welcomed to the mine for over 400 years, making this the oldest mining tourist attraction in the world.

Concept: “Salt, the essence of life”

Salzwelten Salzburg shows the entirety of the salt cycle. From the evolution of salt deposits deep below ground, to modern and historical mining techniques as well as salt production here on site.

Four epochs underground

In a specially conceived “Preview Room”, guests are provided with introductory information about the impending tour. During the tour which follows, multimedia exhibitions cast light on four mining eras of particular importance to Salzburg. Below ground, visitors make their way from modern salt production back to the Baroque era, a journey including a raft ride across a subterranean salt lake. A separate information point is dedicated just to the Middle Ages, the time when so-called “wet mining” was invented on the Dürrnberg. Needless to say, the Celts also have a role to play, since this was also a major mining site for them, second in importance only to Hallstatt. Employees of Museum of the Celts Hallein ensured the scientific accuracy of all information presented.


The above-ground attractions have been remodeled as well. From the mystical mine tunnels, visitors are able to make a beeline over to the Salt Manufactory on the Kelten.Erlebnis.Berg. There, in Austria’s only salt manufacturing plant where the general public can enjoy a close-up view of the salt production process, guests are able to see how exclusive gourmet salt is made by hand.

In a Celtic village recreated true to the original, an AR Researcher App playfully reveals the life & work of the ancient Celts. The Researcher App is a modern destination guide, including audio guide in 14 different languages. A theme playground for children adds the finishing touches.

Salt Manufactory

The long mining and salt-production tradition on the Dürrnberg in Hallein was revived and given a modern interpretation in the form of the Salt Manufactory which opened in 2020. There, the “pan master” explains the process of evaporating brine while answering all of the visitors’ questions. From extracting the salt from the Earth to producing the finished product, at Salzwelten Salzburg it is now possible to experience the entire salt-creation process, both above and below ground.

Tours for children

The children’s tours tell the story of Sally, the small, clever little mine duck, and take place year-round. The history of salt mining and details about salt production are recounted in ways that are exciting and appealing to kids. Suitable for children ages 4 to 10 accompanied by an adult. The tour lasts about 70 minutes and concludes with a small souvenir gift for the children. Registration required.

Museum of the Celts Hallein

Salzwelten Salzburg collaborates closely with Museum of the Celts Hallein, located right next to the River Salzach. Discounted museum visits are possible with a Salzwelten ticket.


Salzwelten Pressesprecher Harald Pernkopf  | © Kernmayer


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Salzwelten Destination Guide & Audio Guide

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